COVI at NYC Pride

We address issues through art and social expressionism for and by Womyn of Color.


Jean Wimberly, Founder of Circle of Voices, Inc., initiated a movement to give Womyn of African Descent and Womyn of Color their first Womyn of Color East Coast Music Festival in 1993 as similarly established events for LesBiQueer women and artists did not promote Womyn of African Descent. These events also did not fulfill the cultural needs of Womyn of Color.

Responding to the lack of Womyn of African Descent, and of Color, visibility at music and arts festivals, Wimberly created the Womyn of Color Tent as a space within festivals for Black and Latinx artists and attendees to feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie. The Womyn of Color Tent maintained its presence at the annual Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival until its 40th anniversary and final festival in 2015.  The Womyn of Color Tent gave spaces and platforms to Black and Latinx Womyn to network, share art, play music, and discuss vital issues for Black and Latinx women.

Following years of gathering Womyn of African Descent and Womyn of Color to various art festivals, Wimberly launched Circle of Voices to extend the scope of meeting community needs beyond the arts, including health screenings, personal development, business networking, and community leadership opportunities.

Our Events

Circle of Voices, Inc. provides opportunities to foster a collaborative and supportive environment through performances, seminars and workshops given by Womyn of African Descent and Womyn of Color.

Our Mission

Circle of Voices, Inc. is a non-profit Womyn of African Descent and Womyn of Color organization that produces multi-cultural events of an artistic nature as nourishment for the human spirit.

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You can make a difference in our communities with your support in donations to help fund our initiatives to meet the needs of Womyn of African Descent and of Color.

Circle of Voices, Inc.

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